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The Original

45 mins


This is my traditional  studio Ballet class taken online. We start at the barre, just as you would in any professional ballet class - where we warm up and work on poise and posture. Then we move on to do centre work without the barre where the objective is to maintain posture whilst  improving coordination, strength, balance and flexibility. The class is modified so that you can do it in a small space in your own home, the only requirement being something to hold on to. 

Expect to come away felling stretched, strong and sweaty!





45 mins


My  Ballet Method Pilates classes are a whole body workout. It is based on the STOTT school of Pilates with  a big focus on posture and correct body alignment when moving. You will be taken through a series of controlled exercises, at a good pace, learning to move with muscular control. All you need is a small space, a pillow and an exercise band (scarf or piece of material is fine!) Pilates works the muscles in a very similar way to Ballet, to give that long, strong and supple aesthetic. The difference between my normal Pilates and dynamic, is that the dynamic is a faster pace, with slightly more flow.





30 mins


30 minutes of Interval Training with a warm up and a cool down either end. Prepare to feel the burn and break out in a sweat! Whilst it is certainly a full body workout- my exercises particularly target those ballet body muscles- the core, the arms, the back, quads and the glutes! Its high octane, with fun tunes, leaving you feeling energised!  



Body Condition

30 mins


This compliments all the workouts and is a great way to release tension that we build up throughout the day. Perfect for those that spend periods of time sat at a desk in a fixed position, and equally the long distance runners who don’t find time to stretch. 30 minutes of head to toe body stretch, and a couple of minutes of relaxation to finish.