T  H E  B A L L E T   M E T H O D

C L A S S I C A L   B A L L E T   I N S P I R E D  W O R K O U T S

Ballet dancer & instructor Eloïse Hymas brings you THE BALLET METHOD.

Using the principles of classical ballet, The Ballet Method comprises four different classes - each with the aim of gaining strength, building stamina and improving posture to enhance our every day lives! The joy of moving, and dancing should be experienced by everyone and with my ballet classes I encourage people to try it who have never stepped foot in a dance studio. Dance is a universal language and moving can bring us so much joy, I want everyone to know how good it can feel. You don't need to have danced as a kid for my ballet classes (in fact I actively encourage people who are totally new to it!) 

Ballet may look effortless, but you can expect to feel the burn with these four bespoke workouts!



- Bookings must be made at least an hour prior to the class

- There is a 24 hour cancellation policy on all bookings

- To reschedule a lesson, please give 24 house warning 

- By taking part in the classes, you are doing so at your own risk

- Class cancellations by the teacher will result in full refund and credit to another class to the same value